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Microsoft and Qualcomm Deal is Ending | Windows for M1 Macs Coming Soon?

Urian B., Tech Times November 22, 2021, 7:11 PM

(Photo: Image of Windows on Unsplash) Microsoft and Qualcomm deal coming to an end | Windows for M1 Macs coming soon?

Microsoft and Qualcomm’s deal is coming to an end, which could mean Apple M1 Macs could disappear from Windows forever. However, this could mean that Windows could come native for M1 Mac users.

Apple M1 Macs can run Windows support

According to 9to5Mac’s story, while Apple is offering Windows support on Apple’s Intel Macs, the new machines are expected to come equipped with the new ARM-based M1 chip that can only run macOS natively. The reason behind this may be directly related to the deal Microsoft and Qualcomm struck.

Qualcomm and Microsoft have a special deal to ensure that the company’s own ARM chips are the only ones to offer native Windows support, XDA said. Sources familiar with the subject say that since the deal is about to expire, it could mean Microsoft will finally be able to license Windows to other ARM chip makers.

Exclusive deal for Microsoft and Qualcomm

While the expat termination date of the agreement is unknown, the report says it could end in the near future. Microsoft’s exclusivity with Qualcomm was due to the fact that the semiconductor company helped Microsoft develop the Windows ARM.

Right now, like MediaTek, other companies are planning to build their own ARM chips that can run Windows. Windows on ARM was originally announced by both Microsoft and Qualcomm in 2016.

Windows 11 . to carry out

The announcement was a big deal because it was able to separate the collaboration from the failed Windows RT by being able to emulate x86 apps. Devices were then announced just a year later and shipped shortly after.

Since then, Microsoft has also decided to add x64 emulation to the newer Windows 11 along with ARM64EC. This makes it much easier to run apps natively through the use of emulated plugins.

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Access to the game world

This is good news for Mac users, however, as the end of the agreement with Microsoft and Qualcomm could mean Apple could also license Windows 11 support for the company’s M1 chip family. At this point, the only way for users to run Windows on M1 Macs is to use a virtual machine, as the machines don’t have Bootcamp directly.

Running the system natively would help achieve better performance, which could be a huge improvement for gaming. Gaming has claimed a huge sector of the computer market with some of the most expensive rigs used for gaming.

While the Apple M1 Mac is known to be more focused on productivity, it is still not as recognized in the gaming world. At the moment, though, there’s no confirmation on whether Windows 11 native could help the Apple M1 Macs compete when it comes to gaming.

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