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Transforming the Digital and Hybrid Classroom and Campus Experience

Northampton, MA –News Direct– Qualcomm

We are in the midst of an education revolution. Many schools and universities are moving from traditional classrooms to a combination of distance learning and hybrid learning. Qualcomm Technologies’ custom Education-as-a-Service (EaaS) IoT platform offers educators a new way of thinking about the role technology can play, not just in the classroom, but on campuses as well.

Qualcomm EaaS is a single integrated solution built to transform the digital and hybrid classroom and campus experience through a fully integrated suite of hardware and software services powered by broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity, edge computing, AI and cloud technology . The result is blended, personalized classroom learning and campus control through digital transformation services.

All students deserve equal educational opportunities, so EaaS is also designed to be inclusive. Qualcomm Technologies is partnering with companies like OneScreen and HoverCam to bring smart classrooms and hybrid learning environments to US school districts. By bundling our cutting-edge technology with our partners’ EdTech expertise, within a single subscription service, you avoid the funding bottlenecks that prevent students from receiving the necessary services. It also ensures that schools receive a hardware/software refresh every three years, technical training and a wider audience for classroom sessions.

Let’s envision the future of EaaS, open to students regardless of distance, safer from health and safety risks, and more accessible to students with diverse needs.

The smart campus: enhanced security and campus-wide connectivity with AI and machine learning

You are a sixth form student of a public school, ready to greet your friends for the first day of school. Your mother drives into the school campus and drops you off at the entrance. You pause while a camera identifies you and a scanner checks you for signs of a fever. The doors open automatically. When you enter, you get a text to remind you to put on a mask. You put on your mask and enter your living room, stopping to wave to your best friend, who is studying remotely. You sit down with the other students and chat as well.

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How it works: Intelligent cameras powered by the Qualcomm QCS605 IoT System-on-Chip (SoC) monitor the campus and send alerts for issues related to crowd assessment, intrusion detection and forgotten objects. When students, teachers and visitors arrive, a OneScreen GoSafe device with Qualcomm Technologies APQ8053 scans for a fever, detects the presence of face masks and integrates with automatic doors. Using the Qualcomm AI Engine for high-performance edge computing, GoSafe automatically grants or denies access, and also sends notifications about things like face masks or social distancing rules. The classroom video camera, with a QCS605 SoC designed to deliver powerful computing for on-device camera processing and machine learning, automatically takes the call and records the day’s lesson. The 55-inch smart classroom display with Qualcomm SC8120, which supports immersive graphics performance and hardware acceleration for advanced real-time video formats, brings remote students’ images into the classroom and provides a sense of unity in the classroom.

Fully connected classroom with Qualcomm Technologies powered devices

After the automatic attendance registration, your teacher starts the lesson, walks around the room and reads a poem, which he shares on the whiteboard. He then shows a video about the poet to the whole class, both remotely and in class. While you may be nervous at first when you hear that it’s time for a math placement test, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you get a text saying your test won’t be timed due to your math learning challenges.

How it works: Automated tools using Qualcomm Technologies powered AI cameras record virtual presence and classroom attendance and store the data for predictive analytics, which are used to provide students with personalized assistance, such as extra time on tests. In a dedicated mobile workspace, teachers use a HoverCam Pilot S digital stage, powered by Qualcomm SC8120, that supports a tablet computer, 4K wireless HDMI connectivity, built-in microphone and a flip-out document camera. The podium works together with a OneScreen interactive smart screen and a built-in distance learning app for easy access to online students. The teacher can also take the tablet from the podium, still connected to the smart screen, and walk around the room checking the students in the room. Instructors can share a wealth of multimedia learning resources, which can be retrieved through a digital content management system.

Collaborative hybrid learning made easy

Your teacher assigns a science experiment and lets you work with your best friend, who is remote today. Awesome! You both love science and take turns doing the experiment and showing your progress through the cameras on your laptops. Your teacher will send you a joint assessment with comments, which will give you both a 95. When class is over, forward a lesson recording to a friend who is on vacation so he can keep up with studying.

How it works: Students use touchscreen notebooks, which are powered by the Snapdragon 7c Compute Platform. With several days of battery life on a single charge and 4G/5G connectivity, these ultraportable laptops are ideal for school work and homework. Students can use multiple cameras so that the teacher can see live action. Students in the classroom and remotely can also see, hear and collaborate with each other through the laptop, smartboard and cloud apps. Teachers mark, correct, and annotate student collaborative work, providing a complete classroom experience regardless of physical proximity. All lessons are automatically recorded so those who miss a session can easily keep up.

The future of educational technology starts now

As schools and universities continue to adapt to societal changes, Qualcomm Technologies takes technical complexity out of the equation. We are perfecting a value-added portfolio of services that is plug-and-play, with a special focus on end-to-end security from silicon to solution. Working with our partners, the Qualcomm EaaS solution proves that we no longer have to imagine the classrooms and campus of the future. It’s time for reliable, secure and scalable smart connected learning.

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